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    • Ventrilo

      Ventrilo is a voice over IP (VoIP), third-party program that is the only required program that Legion uses. While we do not require you to be able to speak (via a microphone), it is imperative that you are able to listen to us (through speakers or a headset).

      What do I do if I don't have a microphone?

      If you do not have a microphone, then it is still a requirement to be in Ventrilo for grouping within the guild and raiding. Several members type their responses in guild, raid or group chat - whichever one is applicable.
      What is the server name?

      The information that you would need to connect to our Ventrilo is in the guild Message of the Day. If you hit the "U" key, to bring up the guild window, and then click on the "home" tab it will show you the information at the top.