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    • Programs

      Here are some of the common programs that our members utilize while raiding. While the programs are not mandatory, they are extremly useful.

      Advanced Combat Tracker

      Most of our members use Advanced Combat Tracker, or commonly called ACT. ACT is a real time log parser program. It has the capabilities to import entire log files or use its history database to search and import specific encounters.

      Where do I download ACT?

      You can download ACT here from their website.

      Ok, it's installed. What do I do next?

      The set up wizard which opens after you have installed and ran the program for the first time is fairly straight forward.

      • Click on the Parsing Plugin Tab.
      • Click the button of get available parsing plugins. Choose your parsing plugin, for EQ2 you would choose EQ2 English Parsing
      • Click on the Use this plugin button.
      • Click Next
      • If you get a popup button asking for ACT will be used with EQ2, click Yes. Navigate to where your EQ2 game is installed on your computer. Click Ok, when finished
      • Click Next
      • Leave the auto version checked and don't disable the splitting the log file.
      • Click Close

      The only tricky part of setting it is is turning your log file on in EQ2. In order to turn it on, bring up the EQ2 menu > Options > User Interface > Chat Window > Log Chat. Once you do that, type in "/log" into your chat window and you should get a message telling you that your log file is on (or off). If it's off, retype "/log" back into your chat window to turn it back on.

      Whenever I'm in a group, I see people posting these numbers and names. What is all that?

      ACT allows users to create custom parses based on the information that they want to display to others.

      How do I get a macro to show my parse in game?
      Open ACT.
      1. Click on Options.
      2. Click on Output Display > Text Export Settings.

        Where clipboard formatting is located, find the button called "Add Preset" and a new window should pop up.
      3. This new window contains the look and feel of what you want your parse is going to diplay. It also includes the ability to modify it, should it not be in the format that you want.
      4. Once you are finished making your parse look the way you want it to, click on the button called "Add Text Format Preset", and your window should close.
      5. Now you should be looking at the "Text Export" Settings window. You will check the box that says "Export to EQ2 Macro File after combat".
      6. Choose your recently created parse in the dropdown in the formatting drop down.
      7. Now that it is selected, you can choose which channel you want your parse to send to.

        Note: Do not add the "/" in the text box; ACT will automatically add it for you.
      8. Next, you'll want to change the number of lines that will attempt to export. The default is 16, which is nice an convenience for a x3 raid. However when we have a full x4, then we have 24 raiders in the raid and so it might be a good thing to increase the number of lines to export to 30. Just to be on the safe side to make sure you got everyone.
      9. Name the text file that ACT will save your formatting to. After that, click on the Add button. You should see your window above should have the file name now.
      10. Now for the part that happens in game: Create a new macro >Add command > Add "/do_file_commands .txt".
      11. Now for the fun part! Go kill something, and once you have killed something, wait about 5 seconds for your parse to finish and then test your new macro. If it's done properly, then your parse should show in the channel that you specified.


      Ventrilo is a voice over IP (VoIP), third-party program that is the only required program that Legion uses. While we do not require you to be able to speak (via a microphone), it is imperative that you are able to listen to us (through speakers or a headset).

      What do I do if I don't have a microphone?

      If you do not have a microphone, then it is still a requirement to be in Ventrilo for grouping within the guild and raiding. Several members type their responses in guild, raid or group chat - whichever one is applicable.

      Where do I download it?

      You can download Ventrilo from their website.

      What is the server name?

      The information that you would need to connect to our Ventrilo is in the guild Message of the Day. If you hit the "U" key, to bring up the guild window, and then click on the "home" tab it will show you the information at the top.