Was just on beta...some of the things coming are Purple adorns and the new gear will be better then your current gear even just the quest line stuff. Features oh...wait spoiler if u haven't been to beta. The map is Of TT but some of the isles look a little different once on them.

1. CC req Has gone up a good amount new gear should help though.

2. New Potions i mean really nice pots

3.Dragon abilities are the same for every class... so if your a Guard you will have the same abilities As a monk

4. Might be for just my monk but they switched some prestige abilities into other tree's...Really don't like that.

5.There are more aa's now not just dragon Abilities... they just added to the # aa's in a tree not new abilities.

6. Didn't get to see raid gear but the vendor gear was really nice... New currency to buy the stuff too.