For most of you that has not heard my name yet. It is Julien Bouchard. Due to recent events, I may not work as much as I use to depending on how I feel. I have started as a rep for ACN to help supplement my income. It is a service that sells what we use all the time like home phone, internet, cell phones as well as countless other services. My direct sales website is and if you have any questions you can text me at 705-848-6918 ( is a cell so please don't call unless its after 7 pm est) or call my house at 705-578-2017 and I have unlimited calling to over 80 countries so doesn't affect my bill to call back. I am really excited about these services and I already have saved money switching my services over to them. We have options for any business owners out there and you are welcome to share the information with anyone you know. Thank you for your time and I look forward to doing business with all of you.

Julien aka Dakkotta