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    looking for spells made for my main alt.

    this toon just hit 95 has not had a single spell made so there is a lot to cover.
    Disheartening descent VII, clara's chaotic cacophony VI, Daro's sorrowful dirge VI, zander's choral rebuff V, Oration of sacrifice III, wail of the banshee IV, Jarol's sorrowful requiem VII, Daros's dull blade VIII, tarven's crippling crescendo VIII, jael's dreadful deprivation VII, Thuri's doleful thrust IX, darksong blade VII, misfortune's kiss IX, scream of death IV, howl of death VI, lanet's excruciating scream VII, luda's nefarious wail VIII, noxious symphony VII, songster's luck VIII, Death's Door VII, gravitas, Harl's rousing tune VIII, Jael's mysterious mettle VII, percussion of stone, bria's inspiring ballad VII, Riana's relentless tune VII, evade VIII, cacophony of blades II, verlien's keen of despair VII.

    yes i know a lot of spells to be made but if anybody could make them I thank you very much. Main Alt Hirakami.

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    Howdy from Lateana,
    Level 91-95 spells require Black Star Sapphires, level 86-90 spells require an Ulteran Diamond. So, add them up for the spells you want and send an in-game e-mail to Ratatooee. He can make all of them for you, but you will need to provide the rares. Rat can provide the rest of the materials though. BTW: For all Dirge spells from 86 to 95 I count 16 Black Star Sapphires and 13 Ulteran Diamonds.
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