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    Our Rules

    Welcome to Legion.

    Loyalty and friendship...these are the basis of a simple life and what binds us together. We are a drama free guild who have bonded to form a strong foundation, one in which we can progress in life and in game. Friends made can last a lifetime or an expansion.

    We raid casually 3 nights a week -- Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We begin at 8pm EST / 7pm CST. There is also a Friday night raid (not required but encouraged if schedules allow) starting at the same time. WE raid the new zones without the stress of hardcore raiding. There is always someone available to answer any questions you may have. We help each other to get better. If you have any questions, you can ask any officer or look for Temptrss. If we don't have the answers, we will find someone who has it.

    Ventrilo is required to be in the guild. The information is found on the motd or on the Programs page.

    Rules For Raiding

    • General Information
      • To raid you have to be registered on the website here. We post questions and hints on the website. If you have a suggestion for a strat, we are always open to hearing them. You can post them on the website in strategies forum or speak with a raid officer.
      • If you are going to miss a raid, please post it on the calendar so we know and plan accordingly.
      • Ventrilo is required for all toons -- raiders and non. This is for guild members only. While raiding, we move ourselves to the "Raider's Corner", and we aim to keep the channel clear for strats and anything that needs to be called out. This is essential on named fights (and even when pulling new mobs). This is to help everyone know what they are to do in raid.
      • We do run lots of groups to get gear and upgrades. Do no wait for raids to gear your toons up. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you will not be able to survive.
      • If you are active military, there is a military clause. Please speak with Temptrss.
      • No Boxing or Ninja-afks. This will result in a two (2) week timeout from raids.
      • We respect each person. We are all adults, well... most of us , and treat each other according.
      • We do use adult humour and joke around as we consider each other family. If you are offended, please let Temptrss know. If there are any issues with her, please talk to Kyrain.
      • For the late night drunken conservations that may offend people, we ask that you move to the "Bad Boy" channel.
      • We do not power level.

    • General Character Minimum Requirements
      • You need to be level one hundred (100) to enter the new raid zones(s). A minimum of two hundred thousand (2000,000) resists -- arcane, elemental and trauma
      • At least 340 Advanced Alternative (AA) points is needed for raiding. We would rather you have max AAs but as long as you are working on it.
      • You MUST have your enervated and epic before raiding. We will help you run your enervated should you need it. Class Epic Weapons and Enervated Weapons.
      • Look over this stat post (once you have full access, speak to Kyrain) regarding the stat caps. This is a base understanding of how the stats work
      • Singular focus: all toons should have this ability. You can get this from your class trainer (EQ2Wikia).

    • Looting with Mains and Main Alts
      • Once you have chosen your main and main alt, which is posted in the "Main Alt Signup" forum. To change your declared main or main alt, this will result in not being able to roll on loot for six raids for that toon. Both toons must be 100 and guilded to roll for loot.
      • You have to meet attendance requirements and the guild probation period. In the first thirty (30) days, if you make full attendance in the first two (2) weeks (AKA: six (6) raids) you will be eligible to roll after that time. Otherwise, there is a full thirty (30) day probationary period. This is to ensure that you are a good fit for our guild. You must always group with an officer in this time out of raid.
      • Your main and main alt need to be 'unlocked' via EQII Share so we can keep track of upgrades. (Hint: If you have no idea, what this is then it probably is enabled, as it is by default).
      • We use a /ran 100 system. Monday and Thursday nights the highest roll wins. Tuesday night is the lowest roll wins. If there is a tie, then the people will re-roll and depending on the day will determine who wins the item.
      • You must keep your attendance at least 50% in order to roll. If you have 100% attendance and keep this for two (2) months, you will get a guild point. Once you have the point, you can keep earning more. These are to be used if you want a piece of gear and you don't trust your roll to get it, you can use your point for it with no rolling. If 2 or more people want to spend their points to get the item, then they will still roll to see who gets the item.
      • Gear that is rolled on should be an upgrade to what you are wearing. We ask that you do not roll on gear that is not an upgrade for you. We need all raiders to be geared to progress. We cannot do this if you are rolling for appearance. You have until the next raid to have the gear attuned and adorned. Adornments and critical chance are critical for success in raiding. All you gear needs to be adorned.
        • This item does not go on an non-raiding alt, unless it is something that has gone to bid.
        • If no one needs on their main or main alt, then the loot will go up for bid, starting at 10p and will increment by at least 5p. To bid for gear, the toon must be of level to wear and be in the guild.

      • When loot drops, we will call out what class it is best for and that is the class who can roll for it. If it best for multiple classes, then we will let you know.
      • *Tank gear: This is done drastically different from the guidelines listed above. For clarification on this, speak to Temptrss.
      • Returning players, as someone who has taken a leave of absence, must attend 3 raids before you can roll as normal (Tanks again, talk to Temptrss regarding this).

    • Attendance
      • The guilds' probationary period: In the first thirty (30) days, if you make full attendance in the first two (2) weeks (AKA: six (6) raids) you will be eligible to roll after that time. Otherwise, there is a full thirty (30) day probationary period. This is to ensure that you are a good fit for our guild. You must always group with an officer in this time out of raid.
      • If you can only make 2 raids during the week (Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday) AND you attend the one on Friday, thenswill still count as full attendance.
      • Full attendance is defined as a 3 full raids a week.

    • Crafting and Consumables
      • Legion is unique. We would rather pay ourselves to do the dirty 'grunt' work rather than paying it to the broker.
      • We have crafters who make everything in house. They do not mind making whatever you need, just ASK!
      • There is a food and drink, poison and potions, adornment and spell depots to the left and right of the banker.
      • If you happen to take the last of something, please let a crafter or mail an officer letting them know. Alternatively, you can visit the Facebook page or post it in this thread
      • Just remember, the only type of payment our crafters will take is a tip placed into guild bank 1. This plat is divided between the crafters.

    • Payouts
      • Payouts are done at the first of the month based on your month's attendance. If you attended all the raids, then you will get a full payout. If you only attended half (50%) of the raids, you would only receive 50% of a full payout. If you attended less than 50%, then you will not receive a payout.

    • "Pick Up Raids"
      • We do ask that you keep your main and main alts unlocked from any zones.

    • Misc. Raiding Information (and General Guild Information)
      • Rage quitting in a raid will result in no raiding for three raids.
      • Deaths are a part of the process in raiding. We live and we die. We learn that is a big process of raiding. We will do this repeatedly until we get it right. Please do not get discouraged over deaths. We learn through this. Our set up is a big part of this. What works for us is not always, what works for other guilds. Just remember we work together as one and we can do more in being this way.
      • We hold ourselves above the normal mudslingiung that can occur in open chats. We ask that you remember this and not do things that reflect badly on the guild
      • Duels are to be held on the right sode of the guild hall. There is an arena built for this, along with training dummies.
      • There are three (3) different places to get buffs that you might find helpful
        • (1) Behind the book
        • (2) Next to the mender - click this every once 24-hours (if you have the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion)
        • (3) Statue in the crafting area

      • Do not follow Tempy as she is always lost. Kyrain goes pew pew. Knitetrane tries to keep us in line.. somehow.
      • We have lots of personalities and backgrounds but somehow we work well together.

    **If you have an issue with any of these rules and how we do things... our way doe work for us. However, we are open to discussions.. however Legion does things slightly differently than ehte norm. Sometimes, you'll just need to trust us and believe that we do know what we're doing sometimes.

    We have all committed ourselves to making this guild work and progress. Many guilds fall apart and die out. We will not let that happen to this guild. It has been rebuilt from the ashes of betrayal. We believe this makes us stronger. We stick together. We are family. Any concerns or issues can be addressed to any of the officers. We thank you for taking time to read this and again...welcome to Legion.
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    • 11/29/2015: Changed the format (No, its not the EXACT format from the book), but at least it's a little bit more readable.
    • 11/28/2015: Added in the points for full attendance
    • 11/17/2015: Added in the ToT guild buffs
    • 06/01/2015: Added in the EQ2 Share (AKA: "unlocking")
    • 01/08/2015: Added a minimum AA of 340, resist of 125k, minimum health of 600k, and physical mitigation as high as possible
    • 01/08/2014: AA requirements changed as to 320 AAs from 280.
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