Thank you so much for your diligent testing over the last week! With your significant help, we have been able to submit the following changes just in time for Frostfell tomorrow:
  • Special Delivery - The immolated invaders within Maldura Steamworks Sublevel now scale as intended above level 100.
  • A Gigglegibber's work is never done... - The new level 105 versions now grant the Frostfell Tree upon first completion of quest. Additional completions grant other reward choices, including the Frostfell Wreath.
  • Frostfell Candy Grab - The Frostfell candy spawn points have been lowered, granting shorter races a much more fair playing field for this race.
  • Giggawat and Garsleblat Gigglegibber have been instructed to sell the following items:
    • Blue Frostfell Elf Cap
    • Blue and White Frostfell Gift Box
    • Green Frostfell Elf Cap
    • Green Frostfell Gift Box
    • Mended Red and Gold Frostfell Stocking
    • Mended Red Frostfell Stocking
    • Premixed Mama's Eggnog

  • Frostfell Trees in Qeynos Providence District and Freeport.Merry Mischief - Pathing has been rebuilt within Cheriweth's Confectory, this should help keep the attackers from wandering off to other locations in the zone.

~ Kaitheel